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Unity Pies get the thumbs up at Le Gavroche

Recently Malik, Lorcan and Chloe from Café Victoria had the privilege of hand delivering some Unity Pies to double Michelin starred restaurant, Le Gavroche. How did we find ourselves being greeted by Exec-Chef Rachel Humphrey and having a tour of the kitchen? Let us tell you the story.

During this year’s lockdown, we approached Michel Roux Junior to be a special guest on our weekly online cook-along. He shared a recipe with us and together we got to make some dreamy chocolate cookies. Following our cook along, we got an invite to deliver some of our pies for Chef Michel and his team to taste.

Delivering our pies

Malik and Lorcan are both apprentices at Café Victoria and soon to be completing their training. It was a great opportunity for them to visit a real-life Michelin Star kitchen as soon they will be leaving our training kitchen and hope to find employment in a kitchen.

Kitchen tour

Malik and Lorcan were shown around the restaurant and were given a tour of the kitchen including each of the prep sections. They remarked on how the kitchen was much smaller that their training kitchen at Café Victoria but noticed how many different sections Le Gavroche’s kitchen has including specific areas for vegetables, deserts, and meat.. Although it looks similar, including the same equipment, there are lots of things that are different about how it works.

That day the team saw lots of busy prep for evening service including veal, meat stock, vegetables, vegetables, and ripe strawberries.

Visiting a Michelin starred kitchen

The apprentices remarked on how different the atmosphere was from Café Victoria- this kitchen being full of chefs managing their own section. Whilst we make delicious, healthy and fresh food at Café Victoria- the level of detail, and refinement of the food was completely different and very inspiring to see!

Executive Chef Rachel Humphreys showed the team around where she answered lots of questions about her career and how she runs the kitchen at Le Gavroche. On receiving a sample Unity Pie, she told us she was looking forward to eating her pie for dinner.

The verdict

The pies got the thumbs up! We were thrilled that Michel Roux Jn commented on how good the pies looked, how well seasoned they were, and that lots of work had gone into making them. High praise indeed.

His team said:“The pies were lovely!”

Thanks again to our friends at Le Gavroche, and to Michel Roux Junior for his support.

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