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Headshot of Ciaran


My name is Ciaran and I’m a trainee at New Horizons café. I’m currently training in front and back of house, but I prefer back of house because I love cooking. My favourite recipe to make at home is four cheese pizza (with homemade dough) and my favourite chefs are the Hairy Bikers. I am taking part in Unity Pies so I can learn how to make pies!

headshot of ben


Hi, I’m Ben and I’m a front of house trainee at Café Victoria where I make food for customers.  I’m excited to be involved in Unity Pies and can’t wait to make them at Café Victoria, especially the sweet pie.  I’m also proud of taking part in the photo shoot.​


My best tip for the kitchen is to make sure you’re aware of any hazards when you’re working in the kitchen. 

headshot of Pascal


Hi, I’m Pascal and I’m a former Unity Works apprentice and current Hospitality Assistant at Café Victoria.


I love making lovely hot drinks and food for our customers as well as supporting our trainee and apprentice team with anything they need.


I’ve loved taking part in Unity Pies. I’ve loved coming up with ideas with everyone and taking part in recent taster sessions, getting really good feedback.


My best tip for the kitchen is to take your time with your recipe. Don’t rush and stay positive.

Headshot of Laura


I’m Laura and I’m a trainee at Jacksons café. I love cooking, especially baking cakes and serving the customers. Being part of Team Pie has really helped me with my confidence.


I’ve really enjoyed making the pies. My favourite pie is chicken and mushroom.

headshot of Nick


Hi, my name is Nick and I’m a front of house trainee at Café Victoria. I love interacting with people in the café and making sure the cleaning is done really well. 


I’ve loved taking part in the promo and marketing for Unity Pies, like  the photoshoot. I’m so excited for the public to try them!


My favourite thing I’ve baked over lockdown is the carrot cake I made for a cookalong session.

headshot of Yasmine


Hi, I’m Yasmin and I’m supported by WorkTrain Greenwich (one of Unity Works’ employment services). I’m currently job searching and I’m looking for a role where I can support people like me into work.


I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the Unity Pies project and I’ve especially liked learning how to make pies and tasting them! 

My favourite baking tip is using reusable baking parchment. I used to go through so many rolls, it’s nice to have found something more environmentally friendly!

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