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We want to introduce you to Ignition Brewery who sell our pies in their London taproom. They make beer that's made and served with pride, purpose and passion. Here's our interview with their co-founder Will Evans.

Who and what is Ignition?

Ignition is a microbrewery that makes great tasting fresh beer locally and sustainably, and we sell it in our high street taproom straight to our loyal fans. What makes us different is that we employ and train people with learning disabilities and use their talents as our superpower.

How has lockdown been for Ignition?

There have been some struggles, and it has been hard for the team not to be able to come into work for chunks of time. That said, our community has been incredibly supportive and fortunately for most of it we have been able to brew (safely and carefully) and keep selling beer. Overall we are secure and happy, and looking forward to welcoming everyone back in earnest when the time comes.

What makes your beer special?

In general the industry talks about beer miles. We talk about beer metres. When you drink Ignition it is fresh and has travelled just six metres from tank to tap. With most craft beer styles, fresh is best and we think this gives us an edge. Our beer is also special because it is made and served with pride, purpose and passion. I’m not entirely sure about the science but this definitely makes it taste better.

Where are Igniton?

Ignition Brewery are located in South East London.

Make sure you pop down for a pie and a pint next time you are in the area!

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