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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

We know the importance of feedback, to develop our Unity Pies range. As a team we knew that this was going to be a necessary part of the project before we branch out and start selling

direct to our consumers.

We were lucky enough to team up with Wates construction, who were happy to try out our pies and give us their honest opinions. We took a taxi over to two different sites with pies in tow. We had a bunch of feedback forms and were ready to hear what people thought.

We fed their hungry construction workers over their lunch break, and they were engaged and interested to find out more about our product!

  • The sampling days in numbers:

  • 2 delicious pies

  • 2 London buildings sites

  • 100 pies

  • 400 samples tasted

The feedback

100% of the construction workers said they would buy the pie again and gave 4 stars or above with a whopping 75% awarding our pies 5 stars!! Whilst we adore both of our pies we were shocked and pleasantly surprised that it was our vegan pie that stole the show, receiving more 5 stars than the chicken and mushroom - who would have predicted that at a building site! The favourite quote of the day “I don’t normally eat vegan food but that is delicious”!

Pies with purpose

Two of our chefs, Pascal, who in normal times works at Unity Work’s Café Victoria, and apprentice Maeve were on hand to give out the samples. Unity Pies are made by chefs with a learning disability and this launch is a way to create more employment and training opportunities for the adults we work with.

Maeve and Pascal were the face of the operation, demonstrating their exquisite customer service skills and chatting away about the pie venture!

Pascal said “It was so brilliant to help out with everyone at the pie sampling day. I can’t wait to help out on the next steps of the project!”.

Maeve had a lot of fun experiencing a new part of what working in hospitality has to offer, she enjoyed sharing the Unity Pie story and connecting with people. She said “It was great that so many people enjoyed trying the pie at Wates, I loved seeing the pie make people happy!”

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everybody at Wates as the taste testing days were a fantastic way to bring our project to life!

Follow us at @unity_pie for updates

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