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Updated: May 28, 2021

So, you all might be wondering how we decide on our amazing Unity Pie flavours?

We make sure the process is thorough so that we can create the best pies possible!

Back in Summer 2020, Project Pie began in our home kitchens. Each member of the team submitted their pie creations after doing lots of research in recipe books and online. We came together on Zoom to share our ideas and shortlisted some of the recipes that we all liked.

From that point the testing phase began! We began writing our own recipes, swapping, adding a few ingredients here and there, making notes on flavour combinations and perfecting our pastry.

We used a scoring sheet, did our taste testing together over Zoom, shared our feedback, and perfected the recipes. Eventually we decided on our final 3!

We are really looking forward to bringing out even more flavours as the seasons change and we’re even more excited to do our recipe testing in person.

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