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Updated: May 28, 2021

Back in February we decided to apply for the Catherine Capaldi Award! The award is given to an individual or group of disabled people who have come up with a solution to address a problem they were facing.

In our case, our issue was that we were stuck at home and isolated, we didn’t want to lose our skills, and we were worried that the cafés we train at wouldn’t be able to reopen. Unity Pies, of course, was our solution!

As a team we wrote our award application. We stated in the application how we wanted the Unity Pie project to grow and how we believe it can help more people like us across the UK and the world!

On the 30th March, lots of us logged on to Zoom for the Awards Ceremony. We were delighted to hear that Unity Pie had won the award! And there was lots of tough competition!

We can’t wait to work with Elfrida Rathbone more to help our project grow.

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