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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Unity Pies began life in lockdown. With our cafes closed, and the usual kitchen based training on hold, we set up an online programme to stay connected and continue our learning. We kept in touch with each other through Unity Works’ online programme, and our most popular session each week was - of course - the “Lunchtime Cookalong!”

Now that Team Pie are coming back into the kitchens again as hospitality gradually begins to open up, we thought that it would be a great time to introduce some of our pie miesters and let them share some of their baking tips.

Some of team Pie (Left to Right: Pascal, Tansy, Charlotte).

Meet Pascal

Hi, I’m Pascal and I’m a former Unity Works apprentice and current Hospitality Assistant at Café Victoria.

Baking tip: My best tip for the kitchen is to take your time with your recipe. Don’t rush and stay positive.

Meet Tansy

My Name is Tansy, I am the Café Manager at our cafe in the Greenwood Centre in Kentish Town.

Baking tip: Soy milk makes a great egg alternative in vegan baking. When combined with baking powder and dairy free margarine, it makes wonderfully light cakes that are egg and dairy free!

Meet Charlotte

My name is Charlotte and I am a trainee at Jacksons café, in East London. I have Down's Syndrome and I live with my mum and my brother.

Baking tip: My cooking tip is to put a spoon underneath your tongue while doing onions to stop you from crying.

Look out for more updates soon and don't forget to follow us on Instagram.

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